Editorial Team Information

For a journalistic platform to be the voice of people, it is essential that its audience trusts it, which We believe, begins by being transparent with them, and therefore, editorial integrity becomes an indispensable value for such platform.

Conduct periodic training and awareness programs with editorial staff about existing laws including Constitution of India, like The Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, Copyright Act, Right to Information Act, relevant provisions of Indian Penal Code and CrPC, civil and criminal defamation, IPR, Juvenile justice, POCSO, relevant provisions relating to reporting on rape and molestation, harassment in the work place, caste or gender related crime, domestic violence, etc.

Our News and stories are subjected to scrutiny on multiple levels, It needs to be specified that the experienced of Editorial Team and Editors, who undertake review of the stories preceding their publication on the Website differs and depends on various factors such as complexity and sensitivity of the issue,

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