Fact-Checking Policy

For any journalistic platform, trust of its audience is the most important aspect. Trust can only be gained and sustained on the basis of accurate, fair and balanced reporting. It is essential that We (vismaya 24×7) remain committed to attaining due accuracy in all Our content to the extent possible.

Our understanding of ‘due accuracy’ is that accuracy is not just of the requisite standard but also satisfactory in essence. Factors such as subject and nature of the information being provided, the expectations of the audience etc. are also taken into consideration by us in pursuit of due accuracy. We investigate claims with skepticism, question assumptions, and challenge conventional wisdom. We acknowledge areas of uncertainty, which will always exist despite Our best efforts to resolve them. However, the stringency required to fact-check the information on soft and hard stories differ.

Scrutiny on Multiple Levels The foremost responsibility of Our journalists’ is to report, write, and fact-check the news/information/stories. In fact, Our stories are subjected to scrutiny on multiple levels, It needs to be specified that the seniority of editors who undertake review of the stories preceding their publication on the Website differs and depends on various factors such as complexity and sensitivity of the issue, and the pressure of time

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